We understand that no two customer’s needs are the same. This is why we strive to understand your challenges first, then provide the best logistical solution for your business. We ship our flowers in refrigerated trucks to our various distribution centers throughout the US, or via FedEx and UPS from our farms worldwide. Whether by land, sea, or sky, Flowers by Eco strives to find the best solution to ensure your product always arrives fresh.


Our Process

  • Post-Harvest

    Although others often overlook the post-harvest process, we believe it matters. These first decisions are important: from harvesting at the optimal time to properly hydrating the freshly-cut flowers, success starts long before the journey does.

  • Airport Delivery

    All of our farms use refrigerated trucks when making deliveries to the airport. Our product is picked up by our cargo agency to ensure it is secure and ready to fly.

  • Expedited Agricultural Inspections

    We are proud to say that our Miami location is one of the few inbound facilities in South Florida that has on-site agricultural inspectors. This means that once our boxes get unloaded from the plane, they are immediately delivered to our facility, bypassing what can be a lengthy process at the airport.

  • Our State-of-the-Art Warehouse

    “Pre-cooling” is one of the most important steps in preserving the internal temperature of flowers. This process blows cold air into the boxes, while sucking the warm air out. We take this even one step further, using a process called “vacuum cooling.” This technique allows us to replace the warm air with cold in a fraction of the time, without dehydrating the flowers.

  • Shipping and Distribution

    Although our corporate headquarters is located in Miami, we have distribution centers located throughout the US, many of which receive direct flights from our farms in South America and beyond. No matter your location, we will find a way to deliver fresh to you.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Our process is proven and continually improving. As a result, you can feel confident that your flowers will arrive not only on-time, but also as fresh as they were when harvested at our farm.


Every Order Matters

We have fully-equipped facilities throughout the US, ensuring a quick turnaround and a fresh product, because we believe that every order matters.